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Apr 04

The Front Bottoms / Twin Size Mattress [x]

The Front Bottoms / Twin Size Mattress [x]

Apr 04

I’m an egotistical maniac….Short tempered man with an ill attack

Inspiration took a gun to my head

Hesitation put a pen to my hand

Repeated thoughts of me being dead

Defeated plots of me killing the plan

I have a whole lot to get off of my chest

more problems than15 year-olds can’t digest

Anxiety, pain, and a severe case of insominia

Flashbacks de ja vus and ocasional diarrhea

Pain can be only for short moments of time

I have my fair share to share in this rhyme

There was a time not too long ago

My heart was broken by two dumb hoes

They had no idea what kind of person I was

But I sure did leave their minds in a buzz

Both broke my heart in 2011

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have went to heaven

Nooses, excuses, and bullets with no guns

I was the kid that wasn’t having fun

Going to parties and being the bumout

Now I’m at parties just giving em a shout

Both ladies went on to be non-existent in my life

Who the fuck cares about those peasant little bites

They sure can hold a mouthfull but I could careless

I actually care a lot can’t you tell by this stress

HAHAh we’re older now and they would call me a coward

to even talk to them plus they have gotten a little sour

I want to find the most beautiful girl

She hasn’t even entered my silly world

I want to feel the moment and haven’t a deny

She can be my mary jane and we’ll get high from the supply

I want to be her Spider-Man crawling all over walls

Hanging upside down and kissing her if she’s tall

Mar 26

You’re cute but

Not worth the chase.

Mar 26
Mar 24
Mar 24

Find me a girl

That isn’t boring to talk to..