Sep 09


Check it, I wreck things since the best thing isn’t to bring anything along with one string because you can attach anything in its track because you want two oh its true i’m blue color of the sea oh let me be me and i will be the epitome of stupidity no equality thats talib you see and i barely like to watch porn unless i am bored or feel for a whore just for attention without any suspension my freinds won’t follow this creation and i lost all my hesitations except the one that doens’t think because i’ve been hit with the kitchen sink and not saying getting the wind knocked out of you if anything is important i’m just saying that shit isn’t fun and people think i want to abort it like a baby never being born is like me not capturing this torn off a rose i call America as beautiful as i love its gonna turn black and a rotting will occur this line so blur. that rant was a sentence that had no apprentice until i chase my dream to continue on my scheme of dying rich or happy i can not slap the kids that hate me and berate the fact i attract all the money i’m so funny but yet so dumb i am kind of young got mad time for school this is an open ended answer for all these dumb fools of how i want to react to things and yet i bring all this silly shit i already took a hit to calm me down my friends are the brown shit that come from an asshole i am so remarkable and marketable haha I’m hilarious i might be the trash hole within a project building with crackheads and crackrocks.. No I’m not delirious. Thankfully, I was raised with being humble. I’m not a bully but when i watch all you fumble, I’ll say the words told you so and you can watch me rumble. I am on a rant but no twitter it’s just tumblr.

Sep 02

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Jul 21
Jul 21

ZodiacChic Post:Cancer


ZodiacChic Post:Cancer

Jul 21

Everything you are is not what I wanted

Everything you are is not what I wanted

You’ve tricked in to thinking the past will haunt me

You’re moving on, its okay, I’m not really taunting

My feelings are high in the ceilings with people daunting

You can see that the pretty girls are always flaunting

Nothing is happening but I can feel them want me

I’m taking deep breaths like I’m runnin over mountains

I’m a portrait chillin but she has yet to mount me

Everything you are is not what I wanted

No what I wanted.

Everything you are is not what I wanted

Not what I wanted

This song will go on until its done counting

Love is a sport and I let that bitch mock me

Karma came back and then proceeded to block me

What the fuck man you almOst really lost it

Swerving on the road could be a large cost kid

Ice on a windshield you gotta wait and defrost it

Ladies over 21 ask and inbox me

You don’t have to be like you’re all SO foxy cause

Everything you are is not what I wanted

not what i wanted

Everything you are is not what I wanted

not what i wanted

But I don’t get the message quick cause you’re all smart n

All on your phones while I’m bloggin and fartin

Am I rappin, singing, crapping or am I fucking boxing?

I don’t really get it but y’all will fncking watch me

I’ve worked SO hard to show this much confidence

All i need now is to be a lot more dominant

What was it that I was trying to accomplish?

Every breath I exhale is sigh of exhaustion.

Everything you are is not what I wanted

Not what I wanted.

Jul 21


A single loser life with nothing but confidence

No ounce of courage shows in the dark

Not even the thought of being so incompetent

I’m just a piranha in this sea of sharks

I really don’t know where I’m going with this

My mind says run but my stomach says shit

I can’t pretend like I’m so innocent

So naive with this big, but little, vent

Like I think I’m this big ass fucking show

Blow me world you big ass fucking ho

Jul 21
Jul 21

My friends went on tour

And I am pretty bored.

Jul 21

Straight for the Post.

Is this what my life has been reduce?

A bedroom in my parents house with more than a matress

Always on top like the mercury is rising but no thermometer here

A bunch of papers, dvds, and articles of clothing lying around like what?

I don’t care if my rooms is a mess leave me alone I’m an artist

No I’m not into art but the ability, yes, I do have.

Emo, Screamo, and Hardcore music couldn’t be only inside me

A lot of Hip hop was begging to be heard

I’m tired of this. All of this. Tired hands and eyes you see

The blinds barely open I don’t see anything

I keep my room dark like I can’t see anything

A bunch of scratches of patches from pictures and notes on the wall

A reminder to get back up when I fall

A fridge that hasn’t been used in so many years

It’s not even plugged in cause the sound hurt my ears

A lamp named stevie, a desk i didn’t make, and a steel chair

I don’t know why that’s his name. I took the desk from woodshop class so its everybodys. And someone may need a place to sit.

This clock is still in its package. Products to make my skin and hair look better. Also, the uncertainty of living is promised.

It’s always hot.

I’m always shot.

That’s All i got.

Jul 14


When you make your friend laugh while drinking something and they almost choke to death